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Everyone who visits our Website (hereinafter, the “Website”) and anyone who purchases our products through the Website (hereinafter, “Users/Customers”) is recommended to read our Privacy Policy which is applicable whenever they browse the Website, regardless of whether they decide to use the services offered and/or purchase any products.

When browsing and using the Website to look at or purchase Alviero Martini 1AClasse products, Users/Customers expressly consent to the processing and disclosure of their personal data pursuant to this Privacy Policy.
The personal data of the Website's Users/Customers will be processed in compliance with applicable laws, and specifically the Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003). We also recommend that Users/Customers read the Website's Terms of Use, as they provide information on privacy and the security systems adopted by the Website.


All data subjects are entitled to the protection of their personal data. Alviero Martini S.p.A. (hereinafter, “Alviero Martini”) and Triboo Digitale S.r.l. (hereinafter, “Triboo Digitale”), the latter in its capacity as an independent data processing manager, respect - each to the extent of their responsibilities - the confidentiality of the Website's Users/Customers' personal data and their right to be informed about how such data is collected and processed. The personal data of the Website's Users/Customers (including, without limitation: first and last name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number) will be collected when they register with the Website or when they place an order or contact the Customer Care department. Personal data will be processed by Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale , each to the extent of their responsibilities, to enable Users/Customers to register with the Website and be identified, to manage personal accounts, to collect and fill orders, to deliver the products ordered, to process payments and/or provide services (e.g., the Customer Care department's assistance in case of inquiries or requests to return goods) and, if so requested, to send out newsletters and, more generally, information and/or commercial or promotional and advertising materials concerning our products, events and services as well as to enable access to benefits and promotional or special initiatives and to sales campaigns by e-mail, text, mms, telephone or post, and by signing-in to social networks with the consequent management of the related data bases as required.

Said information may also be used to obtain feedback on the Website and the services offered and, in particular, to send out questionnaires intended to find out and establish how satisfied Users/Customers are with the quality of our products, so as to adapt our marketing messages and offers to their tastes and requirements and make them more interesting and attractive.
Data on visits to the Website, browsing traffic and sales may also be collected for statistical purposes and conveyed to selected third parties. Personal data may also be used to conduct internal market surveys and consumer buying behaviour studies and, along with non-personal data, to analyse, profile and monitor Users/Customers' preferences, with a view to improving our products and services and better understand what our Website's Users/Customers would be most interested in.
Lastly, any communications we receive may be recorded or monitored purely in order to check the quality of our services and/or for training purposes.

We will not use personal data relating to credit/debit cards and, more in general, to methods of payment, other than to verify their existence, to process and debit payments and to deal with complaints and disputes. To this end, personal data will also be processed by the provider of the services involved in processing online payments and by the issuer of the credit/debit card used to validate an order.

It is possible to consent to the processing of personal data in one or more of the following formats:

  • I consent to the processing of my personal data pursuant to the privacy notice.
  • I consent to the processing of my personal data by Alviero Martini in order to receive marketing messages and news about Alviero Martini 1AClasse brand products and events.
  • I consent to the processing of my personal data by Alviero Martini to improve my browsing experience and receive offers in line with my declared interests.


Alviero Martini S.p.A., with registered office in Milan, Italy, at via Argelati 1A, taxpayer code, VAT registration number and registration in the Milan Register of Businesses no. 10271720152, is the Data Controller of the Website's Users/Customers’ personal data and processes such data for the purposes specified from time to time in the Website, on the page in which data is disclosed. Triboo Digitale , a company with registered office in Milan, Italy, at Viale Sarca 336, building sixteen, taxpayer code, VAT registration number and registration in the Milan Register of Businesses no. 02912880966, is the company that sells the products featured in the Website in its own name and on behalf of Alviero Martini by virtue of an agreement with Alviero Martini S.p.A., and conducts, inter alia, all related sales processing operations, including administrative, payment collection, product delivery and customer care activities. In order to conduct those operations, Triboo Digitale processes, in its capacity as independent data processing manager and in compliance with the data protection law in force, Users/Customers’ personal data, including their name, surname, home address and the details of the credit card they use to make purchases (e.g., name and surname of the card holder, the card number, date of expiry and security code).

The personal data of Users/Customers who just visit and browse the Website are processed only in terms of browsing data, namely the data transmitted automatically to a website by merely using the electronic systems which provide access to same and the Internet protocols. Browsing data include, for example, the IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the individuals who connect to the Website and other parameters related to the type and operating system of the users. For more information about browsing data, please read our Cookies Policy. Alviero Martini also collects and processes personal data provided voluntarily by Users/Customers or acquired in any other manner, including from third parties, in the course of its business. Personal data may be also provided voluntarily by Users/Customers when they interact with the Website's functions and request any services offered by it, e.g. if they register with the Website, join affiliation programs, sign up for other initiatives offered through the Website, make inquiries with or request information from Alviero Martini or write to Alviero Martini by ordinary mail or via the Website. Alviero Martini may use Users/Customers' personal data to enforce or defend a right in court and to fulfil obligations under any laws, regulations and/or EU legislation.

With the freely given and optional consent of the Website's Users/Customers, Alviero Martini may process their personal data also to define individual and group profiles (profiling) and for marketing purposes, and specifically to send to Users/Customers, including in the form of newsletters and/or by e-mail, text and mms, information and updates on products and offers, restricted sales, promotional campaigns and any events or similar initiatives organized or attended by Alviero Martini S.p.A., and to send out invitations to said events. At any time, Users/Customers can opt out of allowing their personal data to be processed in order to send promotional information by e-mail; each such message sent will contain an apposite section explaining how to opt out of and stop receiving such promotional materials and information.

The specific Website sections in which data are collected contain an apposite privacy notice in compliance with Section 13 of the Data Protection Code. Whenever the Data Protection Code so requires, Alviero Martini asks for Users/Customers' consent before processing their personal data.

Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale , each to the extent of their responsibilities, decide how and for what purposes personal data are to be processed and what tools are to be used, also in terms of security measures.

For merely organizational and functional requirements, and for purposes strictly connected with and correlated to the provision of services in the Website, Users/Customers' personal data may be conveyed to out-house companies named "Data Processing Managers", which will conduct certain operations including, but not limited to: filling orders, processing and transmitting orders, monitoring payments and shipping the products sold. These companies have been selected because they have proven to possess the capabilities, experience and reliability required and are able to assure full compliance with the applicable provisions of the data protection laws, including in terms of data security under the conditions agreed upon with Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale.

The personal data transmitted to "Data Processing Managers" will in any event only be those strictly needed to conduct the operations required of them. Said companies will not be authorized to use data for other purposes.

For a full and updated list of our Data Processing Managers, please contact our Customer Caredepartment.

Personal data are mainly processed in electronic format and sometimes also in hard-copy, for example when data processing is required to prevent fraud in the Website.

Personal data will be kept in a form that allows Users/Customers to be identified within the limits established by law. To ensure that their personal data are always correct, updated, complete and pertinent, Users/Customers are invited to notify any changes to our Customer Care department by filling out this Form.

Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties for purposes not permitted by law or without the express consent of the data subject.

Personal data may be disclosed to the police or judicial authorities, for example in the context of the Website's anti-fraud services, in compliance with the law and if requested.

Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale , each to the extent of their respective responsibilities, hereby guarantee that the transfer of personal data to any party in a country outside the EU which does not assure an adequate degree of protection will only take place after Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale have entered into a specific agreement with said party, containing suitable data protection clauses in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

It may happen that Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale process the personal data of third parties disclosed directly by their Website's Users/Customers, e.g. when they want to tell a friend about a service or product on sale in the Website, or when Users/Customers purchase a product to be delivered to a friend or when the person who pays for the purchase is not the person to whom it is delivered.

In such cases, Users/Customers are asked to obtain the consent of the person in question before disclosing their data to Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale , and to inform said person about this Privacy Policy, because the User/Customer in question will, in fact, be the only person liable for disclosing information and data pertaining to that other person, without the latter having expressly asked them to do so, and for any misuse or use in breach of the law made of same. In any case, Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale shall, to the extent required by law, fulfil their obligation to duly inform the named third party and, where necessary, request their express consent when their data are recorded in their personal data archives.

The personal data of a third party (name and e-mail address) designated during the purchasing process as the recipient of a Gift Card given as a present will be processed exclusively to enable Triboo Digitale S.r.l. to send the Gift Card to the third-party by e-mail, to unlock the Card and to fulfil the consequent services and obligations.


Users/Customers may abstain from disclosing their personal data to Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale , each to the extent of their respective responsibilities, and, in particular, their personal details, email address, mailing address, credit/debit card data, bank details and telephone number, since it is an optional requirement. However, the failure to disclose certain personal details (identified in the Website by an asterisk “*”) could make it impossible to fill a purchase order and/or fulfil the obligations required by law and the regulations in force. Failure to disclose data can therefore give rise to a legitimate and justified reason for not filling orders for products on sale in the Website or not supplying services offered through it.


Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale , each to the extent of their respective responsibilities, take all the security measures needed to minimise the risk of data being destroyed or lost, including accidentally, and/or of any unauthorised access to or processing of data in a way that is not authorised or does not comply with the purposes for which data is collected as stated in our Privacy Policy.
However, since it is impossible to guarantee that the measures taken to make the Website and the transmission of data and information secure will limit or exclude any risk of unauthorised access to or dispersion of data, we recommend that Users/Customers ensure that their own computers are installed with updated anti-virus protection systems designed to protect incoming and outgoing data and that their Internet provider uses firewalls and anti-spam filters or any other devices suitable to ensure that data is safely transmitted online.


The Website's Users/Customers are always entitled to receive confirmation as to whether personal data that concern them exist, regardless of their being already recorded, and to obtain communication of such data in an intelligible form. They are also entitled to receive information concerning the origin of their personal data; how and for what purpose they are processed; the rationale used if data are processed using electronic equipment; the details of the Data Controller and Data Processing Managers; information on the individuals or categories of individuals to whom personal data may be disclosed or who may become aware of such data in their capacity, for example, as Data Processing Managers or Data Processors. Some of that information is contained in our Privacy Policy; for further details, Users/Customers are invited to contact our Customer Caredepartment by e-mail.

Users/Customers are at all times entitled to ask Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale to:

  • update, amend or supplement personal data;
  • delete, transform into an anonymous form or block any data that have been processed in breach of the law, including data which need not be kept for the purposes for which they have been collected or subsequently processed;
  • attest that the above-mentioned operations have been notified, also insofar as concerns their contents, to the individuals to whom data have been disclosed or disseminated, unless this requirement proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate effort compared to the right to be protected.

Users/Customers are also entitled to oppose, entirely or partially:

  • for lawful reasons, the processing of their personal data, even if relevant to the purposes for which they were collected;
  • the processing of their personal data in order to send advertising materials or marketing messages;
  • the processing of their personal data in order to conduct market research and consumer buying behaviour and preferences studies.

Users/Customers are entitled to exercise their rights at any time, within the limits set by law, by using this Form.


The Website may contain hyperlinks ("links") to other websites that are unrelated to the Website. Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale do not verify or monitor the operations of such websites or their content. Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale cannot be held liable for the content of such websites or the rules adopted by them also with regard to the protection of Users/Customers' privacy and the processing of their personal data while they browse them. Users/Customers should therefore take care if they visit those websites through the links in our Website and read their terms and conditions of use and data protection policies very carefully. This Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use adopted by the Website do not apply to websites which are not managed by Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale The Website provides links to other websites only in order to help Users/Customers in their search and browsing operations and to facilitate Internet links to other websites. Posting such links does not imply that Alviero Martini and/or Triboo Digitale recommend the use or browsing of such websites, nor any guarantee as to their content or to the services or goods that they may supply and sell to Users/Customers.


This Privacy Policy is governed by Italian law and in particular by the Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003) which governs the processing of personal data.


Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale , each to the extent of their responsibilities, may amend or simply update all or part of this Privacy Policy, also in consideration of any changes made to the laws and/or regulations on data protection and the rights of consumers in general. Changes and updates to this Privacy Policy will be effective once posted on the Website in this section. We therefore recommend that Users/Customers visit this section regularly in order to check the most recent and updated version of this Privacy Policy.


For any further information on how personal data are processed, Users/Customers are invited to contact us using our contact Form.