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geo collection

Italian Tradition


A traditional artisan workshop is where the unmistakable Geo Map comes to life.

The skilled hands diligently work the bright colors of the blends while a spark
lights in the eyes of those who create an unrivaled product from nothing.


A long printing process of extreme precision spreads and overlaps the colors within nine passages
until the image replicates the defined design of ancient geographical maps on parchment.

The raw canvas is therefore transformed into an inimitable fabric,
nine times perfect with its unique appearance.

A team of stylists draws by hand, exclusively in Italy, each model that turns
out to be the expression of the Alviero Martini 1A Classe universe.


Finally, our leather artisans incorporate the ultimate Geo fabric with different elements such as leather,
metalwork, and all the precious details; they give life to exceptional products
with a timeless quality of authentic manufacture.