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Traveling can mean going to a faraway destination, moving for a new job,
leaving to discover, to explore o simply to meet new people...
But there is one time of the year when the journey means only one thing: return. 
The return back home, that comforting and cozy place where we feel
ourselves and in which we find the dearest affections and our roots.




Every return brings with itself also the wait: of those who are traveling but
also of those who are waiting on the other side.
Time stops, it remains somehow suspended. Feelings of joy and bustle are
mixed with trepidation.
On one side thoughts are crowded, on the other side preparations are
underway bringing with them all the emotions linked to the wait.




The decorations are ready, candles are lit and the scent of biscuits fills the air.
On the departures board, the track appears, just a quick race to catch the last
train and then the gaze is lost in the landscape seen behind the window…





Finally the taste of waiting becomes sweet and the meeting gives life to magic moments.
During these special holidays every home is filled with stories, laughs, love.
Everything stops...and slows down... and with the warmth of the family the
feeling is that of never having left this magic place. 



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