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If we were asked to draw the most important moments of our lives, which ones would we choose? Surely the "first times" represent the memories that more than others have carved out a special place in our hearts.

Laura Torrisi, the exceptional godmother of the #DRAWYOURLIFE project, tells about her past through the 1^C motif, the iconic symbol of the new Monogram line.

alviero martini alviero martini

A collection dedicated to the modern and independent woman, made in three different color variations that reflect two worlds: the first characterized by warm colors like leather and cream; the second is represented by the cold tones of black and grey.

The bags and accessories of the Monogram line become the guardians of the elements through which the actress draws and relives her dearest memories.

alviero martini alviero martini

The journey, a distinctive and recurrent element of the Alviero Martini 1A Classe brand, in this project acquires an introspective connotation, giving voice to memories and experiences in which all women can recognize themselves.

Three moments, three stories, which represent the stages of the protagonist's life: childhood, adolescence and finally adulthood, told through drawing.

alviero martini alviero martini

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