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The right play Rossella Fiamingo




Alviero Martini 1A Classe interviews the fencer Rossella Fiamingo.
A talented, dynamic woman who does not give up between victories and
defeats of life, always able to get back in the race and reach her goals with determination, training and preparation.


We reveal through this talk the 4 secret moves of the protagonist: what led
her to "win" in four important challenges of life: in love, in friendship, in work, and with herself.



What's your secret love move?


My most powerful and sincere weapon is the look. For better or worse,
my eyes speak for me and have always said everything I felt.
Even more than I felt.



How much does it count to work as a team between women?


Feeling like a team in general is decisive:
my companions manage to bring out the best of me.
A single woman is a force, but women together are a power,
we can do a lot, just understand how to do it together.



How do you fight your greatest fear?


With courage. I have always faced difficulties even with the risk of falling.
I live hanging by a thread, always on guard waiting for the next move of life,
in balance thanks to what the sport taught me: believe and fight for what I love.