How and why did you start this job?
By accident one day I met on the street one of my high school classmate, who worked in a theatrical agency. He asked me to take pictures with him of the young actors…it was immediate love for the portrait.
From there it all began.


Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Milan: where do you feel most at home and where do you feel more inspiration/creative energy?
All four cities are beautiful, very different but all full of creativity. Milan, the city where I was born, is my favourite. So small but internationally and with magnificent architectures of all ages: it always inspires me.

In Paris you made one of your last work: the Alviero Martini 1A Classe Fall-Winter 2015 campaign.
How do you choose the location for your work?

Almost always it is the architecture that drives me to choose a location, because places inspire me and talk to me by images.
Then everything becomes easier for me.

“What do you think about this last work experience?”
I am very happy with the result. Thanks to the perfect working atmosphere created on the set, the creative freedom left to me and the glamour of the product to be shot, we developed images that perfectly express the "for urban travellers" attitude of the brand.

You graduated in modern letters, but then the passion
for photography has taken over. Do you think that photography
is a modern form of language?

Certainly in my job the story is fundamental and so the desire to communicate through images. My goal is to be able to synthesize in a picture emotions that sometimes are difficult to express in words.


The advent of electronics in the photography: how is changed your job? What do you think about this democratization of photography and the fact that, nowadays, everyone has a camera in their pocket?
I haven’t changed my approach to work from film to digital, meaning that I do not pay too much attention to the monitor when I’m shooting, because I want to create empathy between me and the subject to be portrayed without hindrance. Regarding the democratization of photography I’m favorable, I think in fact that I also learn from the involuntary eye of those who shoot without thinking too much about the light and framing, because sometimes interesting images arise from which I myself occasionally take inspiration for my research. Being a lover of life in all its expressions I’m never tired of new images. Then of course there is a big difference between those who take a picture by chance, and succeed once, and someone like a professional photographer who is able to create beautiful images on commission.