The new Spring/Summer campaign is inspired by the land of Mexico and by the artist Frida Kahlo with the promise of reaffirming the values of women in society.

It is dedicated to an innovative, countertrend woman that fully lives the impulses she meets, with a strong communicative and creative will, typical characteristic of revolutionary ladies of all time.
It is from this desire that the new Spring/Summer 2019 campaign is born.

A journey through the strong colours of the Mexican heart: from the deep blue of the ocean, to the magenta of bouganvillea flowers that Frida used to put in her hair, up to bright green of summer fronds and the leather of the earth burned by the heat in the animated and chaotic streets of Mexico City.

A remote, private place where the mind is concentrated, while surrounded by the warmth of the environment. A territory that has a story to tell and a place to relate, where every movement resounds of past impressions and future suggestions.