The silk square scarf is a must-have accessory which has gone through eras and seasons without ever going out of fashion. The strong point of this accessory is its versatility: on the head as a headgear, around the neck, tied on a bag’s strap, as a belt or on your wrist, it’s the perfect item to pack. Why? Indeed, when planning your trip you have to bring with you just basic clothes in order to be light and free… you will discover that a foulard takes up hardly any space in your trolley, it’s extremely simple to wash and can be used in a hundred different ways to give a twist to your outfit!

Be inspired by our tips on how to wear the silk square scarves with style and elegance without being trivial. Create yourself new ways to wear it!

Bon-ton, tied around the neck: fold the silk square scarf triangle and then fold it again in order to make it a band. At the end, put it around the neck, tie a knot and wear it as a necklace. Complete your outfit with a clutch bag perfect for a totally retro style.

As a turban: a polished and eccentric way to wear it, but definitely practical during the summer days in order to keep your hair tidy, or as alternative to the straw hat- How to put it on? Make a triangle with your silk square scarf, lay the longest side of it on the forehead, wrap the tips around and tie them behind the head.

Tied as a Diva: fold two of the corners to meet each other, creating a triangle. Place it on your head, wrap the two ends under the chin and tie them in a loose knot. For a never trivial look, totally ‘60s, wear it together with a pair of maxi sunglasses.