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Summer vibes

Magnetic vibrations

Logomania as a must-have season trend, the collection reinterprets the cult of monogram in summer and contemporary way.
The iconic trademarks are no longer just a detail on the creations that bestows the essence of the brand itself, but become hypnotic patterns across the board that sign bags, hats, backpacks, and accessories designed for the sea but with a soul city-friendly.
The colors are bright and intense, the essential design is combined with light rubberized fabrics, creating sophisticated chromatic equilibrisms for relaxed elegance.

The wide and comfortable bags, realized in practical waterproof fabrics, exhibit cheerful all-over prints or the monochrome with maxi logo, proving ideal for a combination full-color gradient effect or color block.
Bags and accessories to mix to create a modern logocentric outfit, for solar femininity and at the same time enigmatic and fascinating.


Abbigliamento Beachwear


Calzature Beachwear