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A sparkling tree rich in decorations and lights, the inviting scent of Christmas Eve dinner coming from the kitchen, gifts wrapped in golden paper topped with red bows and handwritten cards, the happiness and joy of finally being able to spend time with your loved ones, in the warm atmosphere of your home ...

Perhaps this year, even more than the previous ones, the expectation of Christmas, of those moments of sharing with family and friends, becomes stronger.

And the Giramondo family knows it well, as they prepare to celebrate Christmas Eve in their home dressed up for the party ...

… But in a glimpe of an eye the decorations, the dinner, the gifts disappear! Someone has stolen Christmas!

The mystery needs to be solved, but nobody seems to know anything ... starting with the little one of the house, who was waiting for nothing but unwrapping the gifts under the tree.

The mother, after studying the dinner menu for a long time, couldn't wait to surprise her family with special dishes, while the father was excited to finally spend some time relaxing, away from work duties.

Everyone seems to have an untouchable alibi ... but then who has stolen Christmas?


Suspect nr. 1 - Vittorio, the father

A hard worker, traveling from one part of the world to the other, Vittorio looks forward to Christmas for the whole year. For him, in fact, it is the only time in which he can truly indulge in well-deserved relaxation, away from work duties, and spend time with his family. He certainly didn't appreciate the surprise ...

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Suspect nr. 2 - Barbara, the mother

A culinary master and a perfect hostess, Barbara is a mother who juggles between work and family. During the holiday season she loves to take care of them and pamper them with special dishes, so much so that she studied the menu for Christmas lunch from… August! Who knows what happened to his famous and delicious lasagna...

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Suspect nr. 3 - Leonardo, the son

Cheerful and lively, Leonardo, like all children of his age, awaits Christmas with great enthusiasm! The temptation to open the packages all already positioned is strong, but always try to resist and not to peek first so as not to spoil the surprise. This year, however, all his beautiful gifts seem to have evaporated ... what is certain is that no one really wants to find the person in charge more than him!

prova prova

Suspect nr. 4 - Carlotta, the grandmother

No one could ever suspect her, she was the first to leave the living room the night before, to be able to devote herself to reading the latest detective novel she has on her bedside table before sleeping. And then, she spent the whole afternoon decorating the tree with her family! Carlotta loves Christmas, she could never have stolen it!

… But wait… what fell out of your bag?

prova prova



Now discovered, she confesses: she is the culprit. And he admits that he committed the act to teach everyone an important lesson,
which is to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.

If all the things we know about Christmas disappeared, only what really matters would remain, what makes this holiday magical and special: Us”.

 It can be Christmas even without a tree, without gifts and without a dinner with many courses, because what makes the difference is the time spent together,
finding yourself in the warm embrace of your home and of those you love the most.


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