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Donnavventura Expedition Canary Island




Is the exciting "female" television format of expedition in the most fascinating and
remote lands of the globe; it is an opportunity for every young woman,
to become a travel reporter, at least for once in a life.
This experience in thrilling lands, out of the ordinary places, is for those who
don’t stop trying to look around and admire breathtaking views.

 From the first expedition to the Sahara desert, there is a long history full of
exciting memories, experiences that have marked the lives of so many
enterprising women who, with courage and determination, face the obstacles
and difficulties of every single adventure never giving up.



The protagonists of Donnavventura in the Canary Islands wearing the outfits of the Prima Classe collection The protagonists of Donnavventura in the Canary Islands wearing the outfits of the Prima Classe collection


Donnavventura starts again from the Canary Islands


The enchanting natural paradise of the Canary Islands frames
the return of Donnavventura expeditions.

To accompany the two veterans, strictly vaccinated against the Covid-19,
the exclusive capsule collection Alviero Martini Prima Classe.

A precious collection in its simplicity, which combines a functional design with
a sporty-chic attitude, always following the common thread of modernity.

A practical and comfortable casual wear, made of light and versatile basic
garments to mix and combine with sophisticated accessories.

The color palette ranges from classic black and white to military green,
passing through the energetic red, fading towards warm and soft tones;
everything is made iconic by the inevitable Geo map.

For a recognizable and sophisticated style even when traveling.




The capsule collection


Fashion and functionality distinguish the collection inspired by travel.

A selection of garments and accessories, embellished with the iconic Geo map,
created specifically for the expedition and created for an active and adventurous lifestyle.

The fabrics are comfortable and light, the garments are basic and versatile,
to be combined with a wide range of must-have accessories: bags, suitcases,
hats, key chains, and shoes.

Donnavventura is a dynamic and contemporary collection, designed and
dedicated to women in continuous motion who face with determination and
will the challenges and everyday adventures.


Discover the collection


One of the protagonists of Donnavventura smiling on the beach showing the t-shirt Prima Classe

Donnavventura Collection

 Six protagonists of Donnavventura posing for a group photo with the clothes of the collection Alviero Martini

30° anniversary Donnavventura