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Donnavventura Expedition



Donnavventura is the exciting format of women-only expeditions in the most fascinating and remote lands in the world. It is an opportunity for every
young lady who wants to attempt the experience of being a travel reporter at least once in her life. This thrilling adventure is out of the commonplace of
everyday life and the perfect entertainment for those who never stop endeavoring to admire breathtaking views.


The very first travel of the show was the exploration of the Saharan Desert. From then, Donnavventura's narrative collected numerous stories, memories,
and experiences that have marked the lives of many enterprising women. They never shy away from challenges and proudly face all the hardships they
encounter in their different adventures.


This year Donnavventura's tale is about the gorgeous landscapes of our Bel Paese through the eyes of both young and veteran travel reporters. They will start from Lombardy, then move to the Riviera Romagnola, crossing Cervia and Milano Marittima. They will end up in Rome, traverse Naples, Capri,
and Lampedusa, and even travel to Portofino, Sicily, and Sardinia.


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The capsule collection


The overall look of the team is designed, produced, and distributed by Alviero Martini 1A Classe: a casualwear collection marked by the iconic Geo map.

The Donnavventura capsule is crafted for each shipment with extreme attention to detail.
The outfits that complement the group during every adventure must be spot-on: from clothing to footwear, from luggage to swimwear, without forgetting the accessories. 

The warm and sunny shades of the collection match the vital and radiant soul of the countries visited. A selection of pieces dedicated to all women in
endless motion who love the outdoors life and front daily challenges with determination and will.


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The journey is still long, and many other destinations await Donnavventura's reporters.
Stay tuned to not miss any of them!