Spring has blossomed and it is precisely in the gestures that we discover ourselves new:
on a sunny day, in a new hairstyle, in a fresh full skirt.

Air of novelty and vivacity mark this particular time of the year, thanks to the blossoming of flowers,
the smell of Summer that awakens emotions and the desire to feel beautiful.

The arrival of this magical season reminds us that we are made of the same sparkling elements.

Anna Safroncik is the protagonist of a wonderful season and guides us through this discovery,
starting from a new flowering, which begins with the first smile of the day with an authentic and genuine taste.

It then continues in the early morning light entering through the window and makes everything sweeter.

A new haircut is the other step towards the new season full of enthusiasm and desire of something new.

The actress tells about a Spring made of style and elegance,

together with the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, which tastes of a sweet light music.