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These Terms of Use, in conjunction with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, apply whenever the website (hereinafter, the “Website”) is used and to all purchases made through the Website; anyone who engages in such activities (hereinafter, the “Users/Customers”) is thus required to read, understand and agree to them.

This Website belongs to Alviero Martini S.p.A. (hereinafter, “Alviero Martini”), with registered office in Milan, Italy, at Via Argelati 1A, taxpayer code, VAT registration number and registration in the Milan Register of Businesses no. 10271720152, which also owns all rights to the Website’s domain name, the logos and the trademarks pertaining to the products featured in the Website, as well as the copyright to the contents of the Website.
Triboo Digitale S.r.l., with registered office in Milan, Italy, at Viale Sarca 336, building sixteen, taxpayer code, VAT registration number and registration in the Milan Register of Businesses no. 02800840965 (hereinafter, “Triboo Digitale”), is the company that sells the products featured in the Website in its own name and on behalf of Alviero Martini, by virtue of an agreement with Alviero Martini, and conducts, inter alia, all related sales processing operations, including administrative, payment collection, product delivery and customer care activities. Alviero Martini 1AClasse is in any event at Users/ Customers’ disposal to provide information and, where possible, clarifications and can be contacted using this form.

For any other information of a legal nature, please read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Returns and Refunds and Privacy Policy sections of the Website.

These Terms of Use may be changed or simply updated, entirely or in part. Such changes will be effective as soon as they are posted in this section of the Website.

A User/Customer who does not agree with all or some of these Terms of Use or with the provisions contained in its other above-referenced sections may decide to not use the Website.

Access to and use of the Website, including visits to its web pages, communications with the Customer Care department, the ability to download information about products and purchase them through the Website are activities carried out by Users/Customers only for their own personal uses and not in connection with any business, entrepreneurial or professional activity.

A User/Customer who visits the Website is the only person liable for how they use the Website and its contents. Neither Alviero Martini nor Triboo Digitale can, in fact, be held liable for any use made of the Website and its contents by Users/Customers that is in breach of applicable laws, without prejudice to cases of Triboo Digitale’s and Alviero Martini’s liability for fraud and gross negligence. More specifically, each individual User/Customer is the only person liable for the disclosure of information and/or data that is incorrect, false or regards third parties who have not given their consent, as well as for misusing that data. Lastly, any and all liability for any damage to computer systems or losses of data resulting from downloads lies with the Users/Customers who carry out such operations and cannot be ascribed to Triboo Digitale or Alviero Martini.

Triboo Digitale and Alviero Martini decline any and all liability for any damage deriving from the inability to access the services available in the Website and/or caused by viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, service breakdowns, deleted contents, problems relating to the network, providers or telephone and/or digital connections, unauthorized accesses, alterations of data and/or breakdowns or faults in electronic equipment belonging to Users/Customers.

Each individual User/Customer is responsible for ensuring that their own personal information is kept safe and used properly, including the authentications needed to log in to dedicated services, as well as for all damages and/or harmful consequences that may ensue to Triboo Digitale, Alviero Martini and/or third parties as a result of any misuse, loss or theft of such information.



Users/Customers who access the Website are required to carefully read our Privacy Policy so as to understand how and why Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale collect and use their personal data. Said Privacy Policy applies also when Users/Customers visit the Website and use its functions but do not purchase any products.



All of the Website’s contents, published in whatsoever format, including its web pages, images, graphics, colours, schemes, tools, fonts and design, and all diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software that form part of the Website, are protected by copyright and by any and all other intellectual property rights belonging to Alviero Martini.

It is prohibited to reproduce all or part of the Website or its contents in any way whatsoever without Alviero Martini’s express written consent. Alviero Martini is the only party entitled to authorize and/or prohibit the direct, indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction of the Website and/or its contents in any way or format whatsoever.

When using the Website, Users/Customers are only authorized to:

  • view the Website and its contents;
  • carry out all other actions consisting in temporary reproductions, of no inherent economic value, that are considered transitory or ancillary but are integral to and essential for viewing the Website and its contents;
  • engage in all other browsing operations in the Website only by making legitimate use of the Website and its contents.

Any other form of reproduction is to be authorized by Alviero Martini or, if necessary, by the authors of the individual works contained in the Website, on a case by case basis. Such reproductions must in any event be made for legitimate purposes and in compliance with the copyright and all other intellectual property rights.

The authors of individual works published in the Website are entitled to claim paternity of their works at any time and to oppose any distortion, mutilation or other alteration of such works.

Users/Customers undertake to respect the copyright of those artists who decide to publish their works in the Website or collaborate with it in creating new forms of expression and/or art intended for publication, also not exclusively in the Website, or which are made an integral part thereof. Furthermore, Users/Customers are not authorized, under any circumstance, to utilize in any way or format the Website’s contents or individual works that are protected by copyright and/or by any other intellectual property right. For example, Users/Customers cannot alter or otherwise change protected contents and/or works without obtaining authorization from Alviero Martini and, where necessary, from the individual authors of works published in the Website.



The Website may contain hyperlinks ("links") to other websites that are unrelated to the Website. Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale do not verify or monitor the operations of such websites or their content. Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale cannot be held liable for the content of such websites or the rules adopted by them also with regard to the protection of Users/Customers' privacy and the processing of their personal data while they browse them. Users/Customers should therefore take care if they visit those websites through the links in our Website and read their terms and conditions of use and data protection policies very carefully. These Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy adopted by the Website do not apply to websites which are not managed by Alviero Martini and Triboo Digitale.
The Website provides links to other websites only in order to help Users/Customers in their search and browsing operations and to facilitate links to other websites. Posting such links does not imply that Alviero Martini and/or Triboo Digitale recommend the use or browsing of such websites, nor any guarantee as to their content or to the services or goods that they may supply and sell to Users/Customers.



These Terms of Use are governed by Italian law.